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New Pricing on October 1st

Many of you have been enjoying our products since 2014, and haven’t seen a change in prices since we started. That’s because I firmly believe in providing luxe style & comfort your little one can drool over, at a price point that doesn’t make you choke.

Last week I received devastating news from my fabric supplier, and honestly it’s the kind of news that makes you take a hard look at your operations and vendor choices across the board.

The pandemic has affected many businesses in a myriad of ways, most significantly: Transit cost increases by 400% due to supply chain disruptions, raw material cost increases ranging from 20-30% and global shipping carriers have increased our rates for getting your orders to you.

“We have absorbed these increased costs for over a year in the hope that things would normalize. Unfortunately, prices in these business areas haven’t decreased, but instead, are increasing again. Therefore, we have made the decision to update pricing across our product categories.”

Beginning OCTOBER 1, there will be a 7-10% price increase for our Bibs, Blankies and Swaddle Quilts. Please keep that in mind as you consider Buddha Babe for your upcoming baby shower presents and holiday gifts.

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