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The Ultimate Parent Backpack - Kente
The Ultimate Parent Backpack - Kente

The Ultimate Parent Backpack - Kente

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The one of a kind Ultimate Parent Backpack (UP Bag) is essentially 3 bags in 1. It’s a family bag with XL capacity, a travel bag that’s perfect for both short and long-distance trips and a laptop bag that can fit up to a 17″ laptop, tablet, power bank and more.

Other bags may claim they are large enough to fit your babies’ essentials, but then you soon realize that the pockets are too small. The main compartment fills up with your first three items and you have to decide what to leave behind when in reality, you really need to carry it all. Not anymore!

This backpack is KENTE inspired to celebrate the culture of Africa and African decedents all around the world. Here’s a little history. 

For many, Kente patterns resonate as a uniquely African or West African feature. To the descendants of those displaced from Africa, wearing Kente cloth may represent a celebration of their roots or overcoming struggle.

In America, Kente is widely represented in ethnic gear and graduation stoles. While a typical graduate’s stole might represent a field of study or academic achievement, a Kente stole displays the colorful, intricately woven patterns of the traditional West African Kente cloth.

Kente cloth weaving goes back almost 400 years, originating in what is now modern day Ghana.

According to legend, Kente cloth weaving was inspired by two farmers who encountered a beautifully woven spider web, and emulated and presented the technique to their king.

While those first cloths were woven using only black and white colors, dyes were implemented over time giving Kente the vibrance and variety that give it so much narrative power.

Each color, just like each shape and pattern on the Kente, carries a specific meaning to the wearer of the cloth:

🖤 Black, the most significant and incorporated color of Kente, represents spiritual strength and maturity.
💙 Blue stands for peace, love, and harmony
💛 Gold or Yellow represents wealth and royalty
💚 Green means growth, harvest, and renewal
🤍 White symbolize purity, cleansing rites, and festive occasions
❤️ Maroon represents Mother Earth, healing, and protection from evil

We are proud to carry this Black Woman-owned brand and are excited to be in partnership with another family business!